Monday, July 16, 2012


Have you ever really been grateful for friends? I have different friends and I'm grateful for different reasons for each of them. I love the fact that I still have friends that have hung with me after 30 plus years! I mean, we just have to do a time of catch up and we pick up right where we left off. I have newer friends that have seen me through  healing's and growth that make them "old soul" friends. Then I have friends like Anne, who are sister's born from a different mother that has been disowned and then re-found in a different part of the world. Anne came to see me today and to help me get it together and put away in the right spot. See, Anne was born with the gene's that I really don't have, the decorating gene. 

I mean this is crazy, Preacher man and I moved in here on June 26th, it's been less than a month and I have the main floor of the house ready to receive visitor's! If mom hadn't come and helped me unpack and if Anne hadn't shown up and put things where they really look like they belong, I would have been happy just to blog everyday and look at stuff hoping it would get the hint to put itself where it belongs. But the beauty of this moment is knowing that I am not defined by my stuff! 

Over the years, I have gotten rid of tons of stuff, literally! I still have a ton, but I am getting freer at letting more and more of it go. I think a good example for me was when Preacher man said we needed to get rid of the couch and chair we had since we first got married. I loved that furniture! It was out of date, and needed to go, but I thought it held some special force that kept the world spinning in the right direction. It did not. The reason I know this, is I no longer have the furniture and the world has not fallen apart!

If you have never failed, you have never lived! CLICK and see what brought it home for me today. I have failed, and I bet a dime to a dollar, I'm not through failing. You know what's cool about that now? I'm getting ok with it. See, I think that when I fail, I open up some how to what God wants to do in my life. I get a humble spirit, which is really getting hard to find now a days, and I'm more apt to say things like, Sure, why don't we move that couch in a strange, never seen before positions. Then I get blown away when it looks good there!

It takes friends to show you sometimes that you really don't have it all together, but that maybe they could help! It takes seeing a video about others who have been told they are never going to amount to anything, before you see that maybe you could do something with your life. I beginning to see, that living in this moment really is all that is important! To be present, to be available.                  

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