Monday, July 30, 2012

Ladders and Letting Go!

I am finding that in the mist of the heat, hassle and hair left on the carpet, that I am just about settled into the parsonage on Reeves Road! The hard part is left...where to stick this stuff I don't want out! But it's coming together and I see another yard sell in the future!

Sunday service was yet again an experience in true old fashioned love. I find myself asking; Can these people be for real? How can it be this easy to be with a group of strangers? This church is the real deal and they are blessing our socks off. We got two notes yesterday telling us how glad they were we were here. I told Preacher man, They have no idea how glad we are to be here! It's just the way it should be. Sure, there's a honeymoon period and it will come to an end. But I am liven large in this moment for as long as it lasts!

I've come to the conclusion that it's about letting go for me. I really don't have a problem being around people and having a good time. But to let go and let them see me for who I really am, well that's something that I'm learning. When you've been burned, you don't stick your neck out there as fast. Thomas Merton said we spend our whole life climbing up the ladder of supposed success, and when we get to the top, we find the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall and there is nothing at the top. He says the spiritual life is about letting go for the false agendas and the unreal goals. It's more about unlearning than learning.

I think when we unlearn our idea of prayer and see that it can be as easy as sitting and being, that's when God enlarges our boundaries. That's when we get freed up to be who God is calling us to be. I get that we have lived a long time with the false idea of what worship should be, prayer should be and how we should act in church. My prayer is that God frees us from ourselves so that we can really be! To just be in His presence, that's what I'm after!


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