Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm not a Pacifist!

Found a leak at one of the water faucets last week. Seems the handle was turned so hard that it's striped, or at least that's what Preacher man said, and I happen to believe most of what he tells me! Praying that the plumber can fix it without too much of a mess. I can hear the water dripping in the wall as I sit here and type. Which means they will be cutting a hole in the wall and I might not be able to post anything for a while, so I thought I'd get in here and getherdone!

It has become more and more apparent to me that I am just not a pacifist. As much as I want peace, and people to stop shooting each other, I just don't ever see anywhere in history or in the future of that working. Since the beginning of time, human's have been killing each other. This is by no means an excuses, but a fact. We are fallen, sinful, humans and the long and short of it is we are capable of great horror, and great bliss.

In my view, more control on guns means more control by the government. I don't want the government to have more control of my life! I don't want crazy people to shoot me either, but having more gun laws is not going to keep that from happening. 

We are less social and more "plugged in" than ever before and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Kids don't play the way "we" use to play anymore, so they don't learn how to lose. They play "games" until everyone is killed and they are the supreme being. There is no loosing! So when they grow up, this is how they play the grown up game of life.

Spending time at VBS this week has reminded me how important play is. My favorite part is the singing and dancing with hand motions! Know why? Cuz I get to act like a kid again! I get to experience the joy of play! Granted, there are kids in there that don't get it. They're still punching each other and acting a fool, but when you take time to explain the rules and tell them why we're doing this crazy stuff, they're good with it.

Now, I'm not saying that VBS will cure the worlds evils. I'm sure it couldn't hurt, but more to the point, we need to be more social. We need to spend time together and play nice. If some people don't know how to play nice, well, it's up to us that have the experience of play to show them how to do it without killing everybody! If we spend time with people and really start to care about them, we notice when they start going off the rail. People knew that the gunman in Colorado wasn't social, had issues and I'm sure things we haven't even heard yet. It should have been someones business to notice, to say something. Make it your business!



Anonymous said...

i agree with most of wat u say... i am a pacifist. thoughout ur article u do make some valid points like how human hav been killing each other from the beggining of human existance,and how children r learning how to kill by the way they play in there games. now i do follow a policy of nonviolence and belive that humans now r more evolved then we used to b and can now make rational decisions, but i do relize that people refuse to make these rational decisions and decide to resort to bloodshed. as the picture states pacifist do rely on the killing and dying of others, but that doesnt protect that privilege, no matter wat government system u hav u always hav the choice of being a pacifist. it's not a religion that can b blocked its just a way of thinking. but if put in the situation of life and death human instincts will kick in and the human body will protect itself even if its against the persons way of thinking. and wen u mentioned gun controll i couldnt figure out wat side u were on with that, but u did state that the laws would not help and that is agreeable the gun doesnt pull the trigger the person does and backround check only prevent someone from doing there crime again it does not prevent a person who has never commited a crime from snapping and buying a firearm legally and using it for illegal purposes. but guns arrent the only weapon so the gun laws dont help with that problem. the only way to hav peace is to eliminate religion (crusades, inquisition, conversion, holocaust, 30 years war, bloody mary, 9/11 other muslim extremist terrorist attacks) the list goes on and on if u want to disscuss this issue further Scarhead102@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

An interesting article. Despite being an anarcho-pacifist myself, I agree with most of your criticisms of pacifism. Yes, humans have been killing each other since the origin of our species, and violence is human nature. George Orwell, the author of 1984 and someone whom I admire, ridiculed pacifism's birth in Britain as a luxury enabled by Britain's naval power- thereby allowing people to condemn violence who will never experience it, which sounds hypocritical. But does pacifism have to be a curse, not a blessing? Yes, people will probably carry on killing each other forever, but should we just stand by, or even join in, calling conflict 'human nature'? Surely it is better to strive towards the ideal of non-violence, with something to try and achieve? Although it does sound idealistic, if everyone were a pacifist, would not all wars end? There are very few monsters in this world, those who are truly dangerous are those who follow without thinking rationally. Hitler was an evil person, but he and other Germans only held grudges which led to the Second World War as a result of the financial difficulty the Allies placed Germany with the Treaty of Versailles. I believe that pacifism is important, as an ideal to strive towards, and the more people who reject violence, the better our future becomes.