Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Being about Doing

I pray for the grace to be in God's presence, in all of my doing Lord - Help me be

So does that mean I sit around reading books thinking about pie in the sky? How would I ever get anything done? The yard would be a mess, I'd never shower, (that sounds ok for a few days) and Preacher man wouldn't have any clean clothes!

To be in God's will and presence... at all times. That's a tall order, or is it?

I believe God wants me to have an ordered house - it's good for Preacher man, it's good for when people come over without calling 2 days in advance. I mean, God is a God of order, so this makes sense to me. However, I don't believe he wants me to be all crazy about it like my friend Anne use to do. She would vacuum and them jump on furniture to keep from flattening out the carpet. That's crazy! God doesn't want me to get sucked into the doing, he wants me to be about it. If something comes up, I'm free to stop and be with what came up.

I have found that at times, (long ago) I have become too ridged in doing. It then becomes more about doing the task than being with God. It can be at work or just here at home. I forget that my job is to take care of this home and Preacher man. I don't want to do it so  I'm miserable, I want to find the joy in being about the care.

It's the Mary and Martha thing again! Martha was too involved with the doing when it should have been more about the being with Jesus. They probably thought Jesus was going to be around for years and years. There would always be time to be at his feet. 

I have my whole life to figure this being thing out, but I don't want to put it off till the last minute. I want to be about keeping an ordered home and being with Jesus while I'm doing it!    

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