Thursday, June 28, 2012

We Made it!

I just couldn't handle it anymore! I still don't have the iMac unpacked nor do I know where I'm going to put it, or for that matter, where in this house it is! I just found Preacher man's laptop and I'm back in business!

We made it! We are here and it seems that I am the unpacking queen, even though there is no crown that has been placed on my head! Too hot to wear it if there was one anyway! Got here without a problem and was greeted by the marque in front of the church that said " Welcome Pastor Alex Workman and Kimberly", or something close to that. I have only seen it once as we turned in and I haven't been out of the house, except the yard and last night we walked down to the church to have a potluck with the choir. So I'm hoping to take a picture and post that for you. Oh and by the way, Alex Workman is Preacher man.

Sam didn't fair as well as the rest of us and his back end is getting worse. He is stuck in the basement/den as he can't do stairs or slick floors. He has to go down stairs in the back yard, so we moved his ramp back there to help him. I just can't think about putting him down so soon after Yazi. It's more than my little heart can stand right now.

I am almost done unpacking the kitchen, but still have not found the silverware! We may have to eat with plastic for the rest of our lives! Preacher man found a big roll of butcher paper to wrap things. As I come across those items, I'm keeping the paper to write list's on which should look real sexy when I get to go to the store. It's thick and unyielding and when you try to fold it, it's noisy! I keep loosing my reading glasses and while I could put my contact in, I only have one left and don't have time to go get an eye exam just yet. 

Mom and Dad will be coming down today to bring corn and help move stuff to Preacher man's office. Yes, tomorrow I will be taking the day off and putting up Fried Corn, or Grannie Corn as we have always called it. I mean, yeah, maybe that's crazy, but corn only comes in once a year and that happens to be now. It's just like my Cuke supplier in Lowell called me last week and had 40 pounds to sell me! Do you know how hard it was not to jump in the truck and run down there to pick those babies up? Well, it was!

Had the best surprise when the mail ran on our first day here! Our buddies, Jan and Roger, who we know from Durango, sent us a note! They follow the blog, so knew we were here and just sent us some encouragement! So here's a shout out to the Brown's: We love you, miss you and would love to see you!! Thanks for loving us!

I must apologize for no picture's on this posting. This is not my computer, so I have no pictures! I will try and find the iMac today and maybe have a place to set it up so I can get back in the swing of this! 

I believe everyone should HAVE to move at least once every 5 years. It's keeps you humble and you'd be surprised how much stuff you throw away, cuz it won't fit in the moven truck. Speaking of which, turn in tomorrow as I tell you how many trips it took us to get here. Don't tell Preacher man!

Peace out from Sherwood Forest!

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