Friday, June 22, 2012


We picked up the feeders today and mowed the grass for the last time. The Robin's were all over the place eating flying and crawling bugs. Now as I look out the window for almost the last time while blogging, I see that we have upset the apple cart in more than one way. There are squirrels wondering around the yard trying to find the feeders! I can almost hear them saying, I know it was here yesterday! What the heck? Am I in the wrong yard? 

I'm sorry guy's but it's time to put that stuff in a box! Do you think change is hard? I think more than anything it just makes us stop and say things like, Who moved the yard on me? But truly, change isn't that hard for me. Good change anyway! Change causes us to grow, and Lord knows we get stuck so easily in our everyday ruts. That's what ends up being hard; getting out of ruts! We are such creatures of habit that we would rather stay in a rut than try to drag ourselves out, any ole day. Want to see folks stuck in a rut, watch The Big Bang Theory, those boys eat certain foods on certain days and you just can't mess with that!

Things are changing for us that's for sure. We came here with 2 dogs and a cat, we are leaving with 2 dogs. We came here with a washer and dryer set, a couch and chair with ottoman, and a jeep that have all, already left the building. I was in my forties when I got I'm older than that! Life is about change. 

So, we pick up the truck before noon tomorrow and some dudes will be coming by to help load the big furniture. I suck at moving big heavy stuff! Lots of little to medium sized stuff, I can do all day long. But cause me to break a nail, and I just go into a tail spin!

I'm not sure when Preacher man will be unplugging the internet and packing up the iMac, so I don't know how much time I have to ramble on about stuff that has no real meaning. I guess I should say Chow for now. I will be posting when I get set back up in my new location, sometime next week. Pray for our transition if you don't mind! Preacher man and I work well together, so we should be fine, just need to transition well!

Peace out Rogers!      

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