Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Monday!!!

1/2 of the Yard Sale
Holy Moly Batman! What a weekend of craziness! It's a dadgum good thing I don't have a real job! We moved the couch, chairs' and ottomans' out in the driveway for our sale on Saturday. If you look hard enough, you can see the furniture in the shade. By the end of the day, we had dropped the price so low, and still no buyers. Then we moved it back into the garage and this young couple pulled into the driveway. Long story short, they came with cash on Sunday for the couch and chair. We also are giving them this huge deal on my washer and dryer. We dropped the price, I keep it until we move. Hoping that's a deal. The long and short of it is, we sold everything but 3 small boxes! Gave a lot away, but the important thing is we aren't going to have to move it!
This is now what our living room looks like! So if you come to visit, you better bring a chair to sit on!
This is what the garage looked like after the furniture left. The sad thing is, it never stays that way for long. Preacher man climbed into the attic to get down the stuff from up there. Found 3 boxes of crap we should have sold, all my Christmas stuff, cut glass, moving boxes and other odds and ends. 
 This is now what's in that clean corner! The garage has now turned into what Preacher man is calling the staging area. We are really getting serious about all this! 

Mom and Dad will be coming up Thursday to help us with a flying trip to get the Bike and Chevy down to Sherwood. My plants, or most of them, will be making the trip and my plant setter, Rachel will be in charge of not killing them! 

Got my toes done today and go to the dang Endocrinologist this afternoon. Trip to Roaring River to spend the afternoon with Pat and dinner with Janice and Bob tomorrow. Followed by dinner with Anne on Wednesday, then Mom and Dad show up on Thursday, while I go see Sister Rachel in Ft Smith. Flying trip to Sherwood Friday and a Natural's game on Saturday! Next week we head to Ft Smith for Annual Conference, which I'm sure will be a thrill a minute. 

All this to say, my postings maybe strange until we get down to Sherwood for good. I find it insane that we have been here for 2 years and now people want to have dinner or lunch with us! (except Anne) 

On a sad note, this might be Yazi's last week here. He is existing, but that's about it. Preacher man is being the strong one and the smart one about this, cuz Lord knows I could keep him alive for another year or 2. It's about quality not quantity. He has been a great cat for 15 years.  

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