Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What are you Willing...

Wow! It rained! We got 9/10's which is as close to an inch as it gets. My heart wanted to go for a run, but my legs are needing that rest/recovery time. When I ran yesterday it was 74 at 6:00, today it's already 70 at 9:00 but it seems cooler. That is until that sun gets up there higher in the sky and drives the humidity up! 

I had a come to Jesus meeting this morning with Me, Myself and I. I was glad everyone could make it, though Me was not paying attention like she should have been! Myself called the meeting because she was unset with the bad self talk and depressing attitude that seems to be going around lately. All three were very vocal on their feelings and why they were full of negative self talk, with the move and all, who can blame them?

And Jesus! Sister Rachel said when you say "But Jesus", you limited him. When you say "And" it's like, what's next!? So, And Jesus took the floor and asked really only one question... What are you willing to do about it? Me, Myself and I looked at each other and waited to see who would speak first, but no one did. They just sat there and thought.

Chocolate eclair cake!  
How often do we find ourselves is a situation that we aren't happy about and all we do is cry about it. I'm fat, and don't fit into any of my clothes!
What are you willing to do about it?
I'm stressed out, and no one is doing their part!
What are you willing to do about it?

See, I think we deal with this at two different spots.
1. The self defeating, give up. 
2. Work harder than ever, make it happen. 
Both are all about us and what we can do or can't do. So how's that been working for you? Me, Myself and I...not so well! I believe both of these thoughts are what keep us stuck in our spots. Giving up, doesn't help anyone and only makes those around you want to shoot you. Making it happen, cuts all the other people out of the process and only makes those around you want to shoot you.

So, What are you willing to do about it? Well, today I'm going to drink more water, eat a huge salad for lunch, and keep my corn hole shut with negative talk. Tomorrow I'll do my second run of the week followed by another day of rest. I remember it didn't take 6.4 days for me to get in this shape. 

Me, Myself and I are satisfied with this list of things and will call a meeting in a week or two to see who things are going. Jesus smiles, See you then!  


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redheadbeck said...

Wow!! Knocked me on the head this morning! I'm trying to "make it happen!" Prayers for you! Love you!