Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rolling along!

Things seem to be rolling right along around here and down in Sherwood. Got a message from the Parsonage Boss, is that not the coolest title ever! 

  • New floor is down in the kitchen! BTW, I love it! Preacher man took pictures!
  • Extra Bedroom suit is gone! Yeah, too small.
  • Furniture in the master bedroom moved to back room. Yeah, room for our own bedroom stuff!
  • Power-washing scheduled for next week for tables and chairs on the deck! Awesome!
  • New garage door opener, that Preacher man will have to program when we get there! 
This woman is on it! The only thing we lack that I can think of is a chimney sweep to clean and check the fireplace. Now if I could just do the "I Dream of Jeannie" head boob and have it all packed and ready to go.

Spent time in my bathroom yesterday. That was enough to make me want to give up staying in motels! Why in the world do we feel the need to get all the shampoos and soaps out there thats available? Inside us, there must be this gene for I'm afraid I'm going to run out of soap one day or the soap factory is going to blow up, so I must be prepared! Short name for it is, It's free, I must take it! All! And dental floss...what is up with hoarding all that stuff? I don't even use it! If there's a fire, I could always tie it all together and use it as a rope to lower myself out of the house! One box, that's all I got packed out of there before I had a slow melt down and Preacher man came home. Melt downs are always better when he's around!

The other cool thing that's happening is people are wanting to have lunch with us. Except Anne, we cook over here and she comes, she cooks over there and we go! Time is running short for this part of the world and we are trying to see as much as we can and as many people as we can. Maybe what I should do is just eat with everybody and let Preacher man pack, he would be ok with that cuz he wouldn't have to put up with my melt downs!

Anyway, we are finishing strong, or as strong as we can at this present moment. That could all change tomorrow!   

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