Friday, May 18, 2012


I really have no idea what the squirrels are going to do when we leave! Part of me doesn't care, but I wonder. This year we have had baby birds learning how to eat at our feeders. It cracks me up to hear them yelling "Feed me mother! Feed me mother!" and she pulls a seed out of the feeder and gives it to them. "Do it yourself you punk!" 

We broke down the raised bed planted the other day and put the dirt in low spots and holes around the yard. Had some worms in there so the Robin's were a happy lot! We still need to pull the wood off and get it put up, but we are slowly getting it done!

Spent sometime in the garage this week too, packing my cooking stuff that I pray I won't need before we get out of here. Pressure Cooker, bacon keeper! Already needed the bacon keeper dang it!

I'm still at a loss, but after talking to my spiritual director, I'm going to keep on keeping on. Just sitting and being with God.  Sometimes I think that's all God really wants from us. Think about it this way; There are all these people who come to God with their lists. Ton's of people, ton's of list. (I just don't seem to have that list thing going on right now, I'm sure your the same way sometimes.) We think, Well, maybe I don't need to spend time with God, cuz I just don't have anything for him! Look at it from God side for a minute. If you don't have a list for God and you just want to sit with Him and be... Wow! How cool is that? For God! I really don't have anything for you today God, but I'm going to sit here with you anyway and just, you know, be with you! 

So that's what I'm up to right now in my prayer life, just being with God. The really neat thing is I get a peace from that time spent with him. I bet you a dime to a dollar I'm getting something out of it that I have no business even asking about. I'm okay with that, God working in me is His business and not mine! 

I still have no idea what the squirrels are going to do when we leave, I just know, they can't go with us!

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