Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm ahead!

My side
Did I mention that we were still packing? It seems to becoming a daily occurrence around here and I'm having to find mind games to keep me on the cutting edge of packing. What does that mean anyway?, you might ask. Glad you asked, let me splane!  

My side too!
By nature, I'm not all that competitive, unless I'm winning at something, so I've come up with something to help me care about packing. It's called My side looks better than your side! This has all come from the fact that I married a Tool! A Tool-man that is. You should have seen us moving from Colorado! OMG!! The tools we moved with us were shadowed only by the tools he got rid of! Then when we left Kentucky, a short four years later, he got rid of more tools! Now, two years after that and another "Dude" yard sale, we are moving tools again.

His side
Here is the point I need to make before I go on! I love Preacher man's tools! They really are the coolest things in the world and they help you do everything from getting a spark plug out of a bike to fixing screens doors for friends to staying cool in the summer time. But every last one of them weights a stinkin ton! Or maybe it would be fairer to say that all together they weight a few stinkin tons! 

He has three hard hats! To his defense these hard hats are cool, with the Titan's, Cowboy's and Bronco's on them. But three!?

OK, so back to how I even caring about packing anymore. My side looks better than your side! The garage is kinda divided in half. Cooking, gardening, food stuff, animal junk, home industrial cleaning stuff on one side and TOOLS on the other. Guess who's winning?    

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