Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Part two Friday

Yellow wood Tree
After we had spent most of the day with bee's on Friday, we headed home to rest for 3.6 minutes. The rest completed, we headed over to June and Richard's for a nice relaxing dinner. I was rather happy about not having to cook, so I took them a jar of pickles.

Now, if you've never been to June and Richard's, you just haven't seen how it's done! They bought this, like 8 acres, a long time ago and have developed it into a nice spread. The garden is to die for, the potting shed that's big enough for one, is to die for, the herb garden is, well you know. Richard is one of those buildy types and June is the painter/arty type. It's really lovely and workable and we love it out there. I say out there like they live in the country. I'm sure at one time it was, but town found them.

So, June and I go back into the house cuz the meat needed to be pulled from the oven. Cool! What can I do to help? Nothing! As I'm leaning against the counter, I notice a car pull up! I thought to myself, must be family stopping by. It wasn't! It was members of the church, and they kept pulling in! Not only were they pulling in, they were bringing in food. That's when it hit me and I looked for June and said, What have you done? Nothing! Well, she and Richard had asked the coolest people from the church over for a surprise potluck dinner. If I had to love any people in the church, these were them! 

Next thing I know June brings this moving box over to Preacher man and I and says Here! This is for you! Inside this moving box are cards. Lovely cards from these coolest of peoples. Inside these cards is cash to help us with our move. What a blessing, because you know the church doesn't move us don't you? I don't know off the top of my head what a U-Haul costs, but I do know the price of gas and that those things drink a lot of it.

The funny thing about this is, we really thought we could sneak out of town and no one would notice. It's been like that for us these past two years, just standing on the fringe, looking in. Not being included or excluded, just a non issue. Yet these cool people, they were watching. They were paying attention! These are the ones who say, Preacher man is really doing a good job with his preaching. I remember when he came and saw me in the hospital for all those months. You always have something to say to me. 

What does this say to me? A lot! Even though your in the desert, and you've been sent out into exile, I am with you. Do not look at the things that bend you down, keep looking up. I never said it was going to be a cake walk now did I? These people, they are the reason you came here!

So my heart is full right now thinking on these coolest of people. They love us and you know what, we love them too!      

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redheadbeck said...

Awww! I'm so grateful they didn't let you "sneak" out of town!!! Makes my heart smile!!!