Tuesday, May 22, 2012

36 Days!

I find myself enjoying the morning today! Truth be told, I enjoy most mornings. If mornings could last all day, I'm sure I would get nothing done! This morning I went for a run. Haven't done that in about a month, so I'm sure I won't be able to move tomorrow. Cool down walked with the dogs, had my shake and looked over the 11 books I picked up while I was visiting Pat.  That's right, more books! Preacher man was thrilled! In fact he suggested I put them right into a box and seal it up! I reminded him that the whole reason for my getting these said books, was because the rest of my lovely's are already packed away and I needed some reading. Hence, the problems begins... I'm enjoying my morning! Somehow, Preacher man knows this and texts these words to me PACK SOMETHING!

The fact of the matter is this... I'm done packing! This is not good and I must do something about it, so I'm texting Preacher man now to see what I should pack. Waiting... Well he didn't get back with me so I think I'll clean the bathrooms. Oh look, he said Something in the bedroom...of yours. The reasoning behind this is I packed all his hoodies before he was ready for them to be packed. Point taken Dear!

36 day's until the Budget truck pulls out of the driveway and we head for what Anne calls SA, South Arkansas! She's so silly, it's CA, Central Arkansas! People from Pine Bluff, what are you going to do with them? So that's like a little over a month, guess I should get some of this stuff in a box or my blogging privileges might be revoked!   

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Sue J said...

Hey Kim,

I wish our packing was as complete as yours. However, after 37 yrs of my preacher man collecting every book anyone got rid of and saving every dissertation he's ever written AND then three is my "good stuff" it will take a lot more than a garage to get close to housing it all!

praying for you and "preacher man" as you transition to a new home and new ministry!

Love you both and miss you!!!