Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jesus Place

So what does your "place" look like? You know, that place that you go to in order to be away with Jesus. 

I struggled with this for a while when I started out on my journey with Jesus. I thought it had to be perfect and you know, all that before He would show up. I've had spots at a desk, in an over stuffed chair, outside, and right now I'm in a stiff backed chair sitting at a tea table that is being used as an alter. I got the alter idea from the Sister's at St. Scholastica. Seems this is something done more often with Catholics than Protestants. Along the same line that Protestants have an empty cross and Catholics have Jesus on the cross.

This is my Jesus place. On the back of the chair hangs my prayer shawl that my gifted and talented sister Pat made. (FYI, if you need one let me know, and I'll put you in touch with her!) I have my monk standing on the right with an icon of the trinity, pictures of the heart of Jesus, Mary and baby Jesus and Jesus. A candle sits in the middle with Holy water from the Jordan river, a crucifix along with my notebook, Bible and journal. On the wall hangs the empty cross, but I couldn't fit it in the picture. This is where I go. I shut the door and light the candle and when the door is shut, no one comes a knocking.

Jesus told us to go into our closet to pray. Now, there is just too much in my closet per say, and if I lit a candle in there, well, I wouldn't have as much to pack. I believe that Jesus is calling us to come away with him, for him. Does it have to be in a closet? I don't think so, I just think it needs to be a place away. When I come into this room, shut the door, light the candle and sit down, my mind, body, and spirit know it's time to get with Jesus. The alter is more for me than Him. I have a busy mind, surprise, and having these things to look at and meditate on, keeps me focused on my business at hand.

I challenge you to start praying about your place with Jesus. Does it need to change in order to keep you focused? Do you need something on a table like this, or just a candle and Bible? What is so cool about having a place is it's just for you and Jesus. It can change and mine does, depending on the liturgical year (Lent, Advent) and what's going on with me.

Find your place to be with Jesus, and see what changes in your prayer life.

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