Friday, March 23, 2012


Do you wake up everyday like it's a new one? Or is it a repeat of what yesterday held part 643? I think on a whole, the world wants us to be on repeat mode. Something like, today is Friday, I will eat, x,y and z, get paid, see "them" and drink too much it hopes that it will change what tomorrow will be. So how's that working for you so far?

So much of the time we get up holding onto the same things we went to sleep with. The attitudes, grudges, and pre-formed idea's of what the day will hold. Is that really all there is? Marketers have been holding this idea for a long time and bank on our feelings and grudges. It's how they sell us that new car, these cool clothes and that bottle of happiness. 

I get the point, if you go to sleep as a middle management team player, you will most likely wake up the same, but is that helpful? Think about it for a minute, is that all you want from life right now? Is that all your willing to give? You take you 1.6 vacations a year, you eat at the same places with the same people, you do the narrative of your life so well that it's boring! Isn't it?

But doing something different is scary! What if I fail? What if I get rejected or humiliated? I could loose everything I've worked so hard for, then what? No that's just too out of the box for me!

The truth is, if you keep doing what you've been doing, you'll keep getting what you've been getting! That my friend is the bottom line! The question might be, Is this part of my long-told story narrative, or is it a good decision? Is it what I do out of default, or is this something that I've been called to do.

See, this is what makes ministry so insanely cool! You know where you've been, you heard that voice calling you to the more, and you took a risk! The greatest part of this... The voice calls us all! Yet, the narrative of your life, the safety, the everyday knowing, it calls you too.

I'm not saying it can be done in one day, heck, I've been at this crazy ministry stuff for well on 13 years now. Yet, when I got started, it was scary. Dang, it's still scary! We did have a lot, according to the world. But that voice, that calling, it just didn't give up. 

See, you make a decision for Christ and you think it stops there. For some people, it does. They are the ones who are happy with going to church once a week and maybe Sunday school, if there isn't a game on. But, he asks you to make another decision, a decision for more. Jesus will ask you, your whole life to give him more, Every time to give him more, there he is, asking for more again. The groovy part is, the more you give, the more you get. It's the whole paradox of Jesus and his teaching.

I was done with middle and upper management a long time ago. I'm here to say it can be done and it can be done with gusto! I wake up in a new world everyday! I repeated yesterday long enough! I don't need that new car, cuz the truck still runs. I love wearing my old clothes, cuz they are comfortable. That bottle of happiness, well it ran dry a long time ago. I'm changing my narrative, cuz I'm listening to the call. 

How bout you? Did you hear that?

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