Monday, March 26, 2012

Last Week of Lent!

This is the last week of Lent. Sunday is Palm Sunday and we go with Jesus into the city of Jerusalem, are you ready? I was reading one of the many things I get on email and I was struck by how this dudes life was pretty much running the same course as mine right now. This is the time of Lent that really starts blowing my mind because so much is going on. The crowds are getting huge that follow our King, the miracles are coming one after the next and the people are thinking that this Jesus is going to save them, save them from Rome. Yet here I am, working the Master Gardener Hotline this morning, cleaning up the 2 van's that Preacher man took to Mexico, thinking about what to fix for supper and maybe going for a run. Does any of that have anything to do with Lent?   

This Lent has been so different for me and I can't put my finger on it except to say intense. I'm sure that the Spiritual Exercises has something to do with it. I mean when Sister tells you to lay down your anger and follow Jesus to the cross, and you go, Who? Me? It has been intense!

There is that feeling of dread that overshadows this wonderful spring. There is my heavy heart that feels bigger than normal. Am I the only one who feels like they are walking through thick paint? Everything takes such effort for some reason. I think knowing the whole story is part of it. I know Easter is just around the corner, but I also know what we have to go through to get there. It's just a hard time for me spiritually right now. 

I heard about an idea I'm going to share with you. After Palm Sunday we walk right into Holy Week. Time should be different for Holy Week, so I'm going to take off my watch. I'm going to get in tune with God's time for a week to see if things don't change for me. I'm going to let Him take me through the week, on His time.

Should be interesting to say the least! 


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