Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Call!

We got The Call. You know, the thing affectionally called "The Call". Who is we anyway? Let me back up. 

This time of year for Methodist Pastor's is a time of fingernail biting excitement and dread. It's when "The Cabinet" get's together with the Bishop and appointments are made and then dealt out. It's when your cell phone starts to sound like a video game as friends keep friends abreast of the happenings that they are aware of. It's when some (me) Preacher's wife's pack random boxes of things around the house, just to keep from jumping out the window, which would hurt the bush more than it would hurt me. It's one of the things we signed up for.

Preacher man being in Mexico last week where I couldn't even talk to him, didn't help me with nail biting excitement and dread. So low and behold, when his phone rang on Sunday, I was wore out! 

The hard part of this is what we put ourselves through in the waiting. OK, let's see... the conference is the whole state of Arkansas. This is a little easier than the conference we came from, Rocky Mountain conference, that includes Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. SO I have the whole state to think about, wait, I have to find out who's not going anywhere so their churches can be taken off the docket. Then I think about where we don't want to go, and I pray. Pack something. Think about where my ideal place would be, and make a pile of things that need to be packed but won't fit in the stupid box brought in from the garage. Call Preacher man, but he's in Mexico and can't take call's so I sit down and cry out my frustration. Wait, I'll order a book so I can read and take my mind off of thinking about this.

Lord! Save me from myself!!!

Preacher man did make it home and the very next day, he got The Call. He has been appointed Senior Pastor at Sylvan Hills UMC in Sherwood Arkansas, which is in North Little Rock. Click here! 

Are we excited? Yes! Do I know why? Sometimes! Do I know anything else at this point? Heck no!! Except, I need to get some piles in a box that will hold it!       

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TheEccentricLady said...

I can't imagine living at the will of others but then after what God brought us through this last year and learning to TOTALLY submit to him I guess I can. I hope you will find it a wonderful community to settle into. God does always know what is best for us :) happy packing.