Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clean Heart!

Create in me a clean heart, open and receptive,
so that I may embrace the many ways you choose to visit my life.

Create in me a clean heart, cleared of the refuse
of old battles with others and deadly opposition with self.

Create in me a clean heart, purified through the daily disruptions
and the life encounters that take me beyond my grasping control
and ego-centeredness.

Create in me a clean heart, freed from the clutter
of cultural enticements, so that I can enjoy the beauty
of life's simple things and relish
the girts I easily take for granted.

Create in me a clean heart, bathed from harsh thoughts,
shame, and perfectionist tendencies,
warmly welcoming others with the embrace of non-judgment.

Create in me a clean heart, rinsed of the residue of false messages
about my identity, enabling my inner goodness and light
 to shine through all I am and do.

Create in me a clean heart, cleansed of anxiety
and lack of trust, restoring in me an enduring faith
in your abiding presence and unconditional love.

Create in me a clean heart, washed with your mercy and strengthened
by your love, helping me move beyond
whatever keeps me from union with you.

Create a clean heart in me, O God.
Dust off the unmindful activity that constantly collects there.
De-clutter my heart from harsh judgments and negativity.
Wash away my resistance to working through difficult relationships.
Rinse off my un-loving
so the beauty of my generous and kind heart
can shine forth.
Remove whatever keeps me
from following in your compassionate footsteps. Amen.
~Joyce Rupp 


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly,
That says it all. I need to cleanse myself of hatred and negativity to unburden my heart to shine with it's love. That love is there waiting for me to liberate it with God's wisdom and guidance.
Keep speaking the truth.
God Bless You

Kimer said...

You know Geoff, we need to remember that it's God who does the cleaning, we just have to show up and be willing! Thanks for dropping by!
Be Blessed!