Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Why doesn't he ever listen to me?! So I asked this question of Preacher man yesterday right before I left for work, so I could get the last word in or stick out my bottom lip and get some stinkin' sympathy!

You know I have to talk things out, why won't you talk to me about this?
Which time?
What do you mean which time? (blink, blink. Try to look like a deer)
Are we talking about the Soup Kitchen, Seminary or now?
You just had to go and get historical on me didn't you?

The deal is, Preacher man does listen to me, bless his heart. I've come to the conclusion, that I have to talk something to death before I make a move. I've come to this conclusion after much research and long hours of reading... ok, I just talked to the girls at work and they are the same way, so I can say with somewhat confidence that most women, that I know, and talk to regularly, and I work with, do the same thing.

Then on top of all that great advice and knowledge, I'm listening to God and getting his input on the situation. So it's the girls I work with, God, Preacher man and now YOU!

It's not like I haven't been down this road before. I mean, ask Preacher man, ever few years we have to go through the same conversation and he always says the same thing! I guess I'm waiting for him to change his answer! Let me explain.

Soup Kitchen means; when not yet-Preacher man wanted me to slow down and start taking care of him and the house. I found this part time job with the soup kitchen for $7.00 an hour, 20 hours a week. It lasted for 5 years, became a 60 hour a week consuming passion! Then not yet-Preacher man got his calling to go into the ministry and that was pointing to seminary.

Seminary means; when I had to work in order that preparing to be-Preacher man could do school like it was a job and we could get in, and get out! I found a job at the seminary and after 2 years, some bad changes (for my team) happened and I was being asked, without words to leave. Preparing to be-Preacher man said I needed to rest before we got into ministry and I listen...sorta.

The soon to be called "Creek" time is going to mean now, as we prepare for our next step in ministry. Do I keep working at the Creek which doesn't pay enough to make a difference, but keeps me entertained and away from cleaning my house and taking care of the now, Preacher man.

SO there you have it! The points being: 
1) I really am not making enough money to change anything for us.
2) I get a good discount on clothes.
3) I need to take care of this Preacher man and house.
D) I need to write a talk for the walk to Emmaus and prepare for my last 2 classes in Spiritual Direction and try not to get blown away by the Spiritual Exercise that won't be done until May!
6) I'm good at my job and love the girls I work with.

Your input is welcomed and if you don't give it to me, I will talk this puppy to death!