Friday, December 9, 2011


Did I ever tell you we have dogs on each side of us? Well, we do! We have two weenier dogs on the east side and two yipper-mutts to the west. It's so funny when we let Gracie and Sam out cuz they are what I would call large dogs and they both have very deep, loud barks, that have a way of either making you run or at least getting your attention. The yippers or you could call them what Preacher man calls them, ankle bitters are behind this 6 foot wooden fence and I believe that fence makes them think they are as big as my dogs. 

Anyway, when we let Gracie and Sam out they just kinda walk out into their own yard like, they own it. Then the yippers hear them and attack the fence, barking as loud as little ankle bitters can yip! Gracie and Sam are followed to the fence at a much slower pace, by Yazi, the Yoda of the yard.  Then Yazi sits down back from the fence and almost dares the yippers to come get him. Mark my word, we happen to know that Yazi does attack dogs, even dogs that are bigger than him and that happen to have been raised by him. He doesn't care who he bosses around! When it's 3:00 in the afternoon, he will start yelling at you, even though he doesn't eat for another hour. 

One of Yazi favorite things to do is walk up and swat the mess out of Christmas tree ornaments! I'm sure I have  a little to do with that as I lure him with the ones that make noise. Yazi is close to 15, has arthritis and just doesn't do the hokey pokey like he use to. So far the tree has been safe, but I'm keeping my eye out for flying ornaments!        


Leslie said...

I would love to see Yazi get his hokey pokey on with those yippee dogs. After he takes care of the Arkansas yippee's can you send him up here to take care of my neighborhood's yippees?

TheEccentricLady said...

Cats do have attitude! Luckly our cat has never bothered our tree. He seems to be doing better the last 2 days! Thank you for your comments on my blog ;)