Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bourbon Balls!

When we lived in Kentucky, I fell in love with Bourbon Balls. I had no idea how yummy they were or how few you can eat before you start to feel sick! 

Someday, when Alex has his own church, I want to open our home up for folks of the church and have an open house. I feel it's important that the folks of your church, know their pastor and see that's he's human, just like them. Even if he happens to have a crazy wife that does strange things! I'm under the impression that when you have an open house, you have food that people can snack on, while they are standing around making small talk and checking out your stuff. All I really know how to make is Chex hot mix, BBQ sauce and pickles as far as finger food goes, so this year I tried my hand at bourbon balls.

I had no idea that they took 3 days to make, so if you ever try to do it, don't be in a hurry! 

The first day you chopped up your pecans and put them in a sealable jar topped with your bourbon and let them set over night in the frig. I guess it takes longer for nuts to soak up bourbon than it does most folks.

The second day you take your butter and confectioner sugar, which I had to call momma to find out that it's also called powered sugar. Don't laugh, I am not a baker! You mix the dry stuff real good, then add in your soaked nuts and make small balls out it and put back in the frig for another night.

The third day is the day you might want to some how skip, but then how would you get your balls? You melt up your chocolate, and you roll your balls in the chocolate and place back on the wax paper and put them back in the frig. Serve and all is wonderful.

Let me enlighten you on a few issues that people like me have with baking and making bourbon balls. Do not double your nuts without doubling your butter, sugar mix. Why you may ask? Because the balls will flatten out in the frig and you will have really potent flat balls! When melting your chocolate, figure out a way to get the balls in and out without using your fingers. Why you might ask? Because melted chocolate burns, and the ball part melts on your fingers and you end up with this build up of chocolate and ball on your fingers and you get it everywhere! I am still finding it in strange places in the kitchen!

There you have it, the things to watch out for when making your very own bourbon balls! Also, before you eat one, you might want to let it sit out for a little while so the chocolate will warm up a bit, or it might break your teeth. Have fun and if this is more than you can handle, you can always google them and have them shipped to your house!

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Jeane Kennedy said...

Or you can just forget about your balls and have a glass of bourbon!