Friday, December 2, 2011


I long for the day that we would own our own spot of dirt somewhere. It's hard to be a renter after you've owned a home and land, not impossible, but challenging to say the least. Preacher man and I a few sayings about living here, one of them goes like this..."I hate this house!" The owners have put some paint over things that should have been repaired and it really get's under Preacher man's skin, cuz he ain't put together that way. 

Yesterday was put lights on the outside of the house for the Christmas season. We bought these lights when we owned our home in Kentucky and they were beautiful! They don't do much for this house and they aren't all working. After a few hours, 12 fuses and a jar full of spare bulbs, they are hung, but not working. I suggested trashing them and just getting some more, and the response was, "Not while we're in this house!" We are done with this mole infested, too many dang trees in the yard, wall paper falling off the wall, dishwasher dying, drafty little piece of paradise. So we wait.

Waiting is hard and something we don't like to do with our fast food, pull up window mentality. We want it done now, and that's just not how things really work. We try to change this way God set up for things to function, but it doesn't last long, if it works at all. So, as hard as it is, I'm trying to embrace the waiting, and in doing that I'm starting to look and listen differently. 

When you wait in a waiting room at the doctors and if by the grace of all that is holy, you didn't bring your smart phone or your book, what do you do? I bet you people watch. We are having to do a "In Between" thing for my class. Sister Rachel has asked us to really see in some public place what absorbs/preoccupies me, others? AND to ponder what has been my love experience with God? My experience of self-sufficiency? Have you ever tried to ponder with a smart phone around? It just doesn't work people! I have been trying to do this and I am sadden by how hateful we are to each other even during this time of year! We don't have time, won't make time, yell at the car in front of us, don't wait for the elderly to get to the check out stand before us, open doors, smile or wish folks Merry Christmas, cuz we don't want to offended anyone so we say Happy Holiday's if we say anything at all.

WAIT!!!!!! Take a slow, deep breath, hold it for a second and slowly let it out, with all your pent upness! Do it 5 times! Now, listen... 

We all have to wait for different things and getting all up in the air doesn't make the time pass any faster. Try to learn the lesson of waiting with an expectant heart. Even if your not good at it to begin with, try it again and again. God will bless you, if you will but try and listen for His voice.            

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