Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have this habit of getting attached to the strangest things! Right now, it happens to be our Christmas tree. I get so excited to see it come into the house! I love when Preacher man get's all the ornament boxes out and I start hanging them on the tree, remembering where we were when we got each one. But after the presents are gone from under the thing I'm ready for it to be out of the house...sorta.

I love a live tree! I think it's one of the things we will always have, mainly cuz they smell of Christmas. I know, they are a mess and you have to remember to water them and blah,blah, blah, but I love them. 

Yesterday we took the tree down. Preacher man is awesome at putting things up, I'm good at getting things out. As an example, I was looking for a book to read yesterday so I sat down in front of a book case and started reading about four books at the same time. Anyway, as Preacher man was loosing the screws up that were holding the tree up, I was holding the tree. I started to think about how old it was and all the trials it had gone through just to end up dead in my house! It had stood in our house for well over a month and even though I hadn't named it, I was going to miss it when it was gone.

I had read in my bird magazine that you could take your tree and place it outside as a bird shelter! Oh joy! Preacher man was wanting to take it to the city recycle area so it could be, well, recycled. I on the other hand had other ideas. We have a Holly bush that the birds love to hang out in and it's close to one of the feeders. The other feeder doesn't get as many birds and I have decided it's because they don't have shelter close enough to the feeder. So Preacher man took the tree and placed it laying down sideways by the back fence. It just didn't look like birds would want to hang out in a tree laying on it's side, so I had him stand it up right. 

I am happy to report that the squirrels have checked it out and still don't know where it came from! I also have had some snow birds hanging out around it and that is promising! I encourage you to think about ways you can recycle the things you get attached to, or as Preacher man reminds me by asking the question, "Why can't you throw anything away?"

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