Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The sweetness of Christmas is over and we now jump back into the way it was before we had to act like we cared about each other. That's a little harsh, but I see it day in and day out and have to call a cow a cow. 

I have decided that working in retail has given me a window into the world that I would not have gotten any other way. Don't know yet why I have to live through this hell, but I'm sure I'm learning something that I haven't been able to pin point just yet. The really funny thing is I really do like people, mostly, or did. 

I am considered an extrovert by, well everyone that knows me. Extroverts get their energy from being around people. I need to talk to the folks that came up with this and we need to retool it some. Or I need to talk to Dr. Johnson and let him know I'm at the place where you start to cross over to the other side. 

I'm finding that I like to be left alone more and more. This is weird for me and hard to understand from my side of the fence. You might know what I'm talking about, you go along for years doing the same thing and enjoying it. All of a, what seems to be sudden, your not so crazy about it any more. I enjoy spending time with Preacher man not talking and just being in the same space together! I enjoy the aloneness there is in running, even if I look like I'm about to die or blow up! The quietness of the morning, before everyone starts rushing by the house on their way to work, has a sweetness to it that I find so uplifting that I want to move out into the country somewhere so no one can find me.

I want to share with you how we look when we go out to the shops on the day after Christmas. You know who you are, and chances are you don't read this blog, so I should say, you know who they are cuz you stay away from those places. There is a new trend in Rogers Arkansas that I have to say, I hope get's shot in the foot. We get three to four generation's together and we go shopping together, all of us, at the same time, into the same store, and we call it fun. News flash: This is a nightmare for your retail buddies. 

I went in yesterday at 11, I should have been called in an hour earlier, but I'm sure it was dead then. Retail has a way of becoming unmanageable in 3.6 seconds. This happened 10 minutes before I walked in the door. I was stationed in the fitting room, which is where I excel and do my best work. There are 6 room, all full, with folks waiting, a little upset that they had to wait and the world wasn't revolving around them. They made sure to let me know how they were in such a hurry and had other places to go. Then the four generations came along and wanted all 6 women and 3 girl children to fit into our one big room. They also wanted the 5 women who weren't trying on clothes to stand in the doorway of the fitting room to give their expert opinion on everything that was tried on.

I am all about group shopping, but don't do it the day after Christmas. Go skating or to a bull fight or a truck race or even Wal-Mart, but stay away from anywhere I am! This stuff is not good for Preacher man! I come home and yell orders at him for hours and wonder why he get's upset. I am not made for retail, even though I could sell a nut driver to a woman who doesn't even know why she would ever need one. I need to be about doing what God made me for and if it doesn't happen soon I may have to check out and go camping for about 8 months. That would be a scary thing, me with no reason to shower for 8 months!