Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Home again!

Made it back Sunday afternoon from Mount Eagle and I gotta say, once again, I'm glad I went. We learned about Centering Prayer, or maybe the better thing to say is we practiced it. We also talked about fasting, silence, Lectio Divina, liturgy of the hours and a few other things. Our teacher this time was Joseph Stabile, and he did a great job! 

It is a road trip that Pamela and I have personally designed and it never fails to be a great time. We always have lunch in Harrison at Neighbor's Mill and we always get what I call "Pink en!" They are a sugar cookie with raspberry icing and when they put them in a sack, the butter starts soaking through! We always stop in Leslie to antique shop at the corner shop. It's where I found our prayer bench and a statue of a monk. We also have to stop at Serenity bread shop and this time I got 2 loafs of bread, one for me and one for Anne. I took some pickles to share this time and I think everyone liked them. The drive was unbelievable!  The trees changing and it just blessed my heart to see the colors that were missing last year. Everything just turned brown last year. It has really been a lovely fall.

I really enjoyed seeing my peeps and catching up with a few of them in detail. I love that God has put this group together and we are quite the group. A good time is always had by all! We meet 2 more times and then we'll see if we all become Certified Spiritual Directors. 

One of the things we talked about was the male and female "Journey of Transformation". It blew me away at how spot on it was and it explains so much about why we have angry young men in jails and embittered old women. I will try and go over some of that in the coming week as I process it more. One of the things I will share with you now is the; 

Five Necessary Lessons of the Spiritual Life

Life is hard
You are not that important
Your life is not about you
You are going to die
You are not in control   

Aren't you looking forward to finding out what the heck that has to do with anything? These are lessons that men should learn before the age of about 35. Women usually learn these lessons from their bodies, or by age 21. Tune in later to find out what in the world I'm talking about. 


Leigh Krahl said...

send me one of those cookies!!!!! yummmmmm

Kimer said...

All gone!!!

Preacher man said...

I need details on the 5 points...sounds like a sermon series in the works!