Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Smells like Taco's!

As much as I want to write a really spirit filled post today, full of holy learning moments and "hey I see myself in that" things, I must share with you the morning Preacher man and I had.

Sam, who is our oldest Golden Retriever cross, has had to cut back on his walks in the morning. He just can't do what Gracie can do, yet wants to walk so badly! So we are now taking Sam for a short walk, followed by a longer one for Gracie. Upon our return, I begin to make breakfast for Preacher man.

Over the weekend, Pamela and I stopped by Serenity Bread and I picked up 2 loafs of sourdough, one for me and one for Anne. This is the bestest bread for making French Toast and Grilled Cheeses that you have ever tasted! So this morning I thought French Toast was in order!

I get out the big skillet, which I think we really only use anymore for making taco's in, and slice the bread a little on the think side. Mix up the eggs with a little milk and slap it in the pan, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon, yum! I dish up Preacher man's and start on mine. "I smell taco's" Preacher man says. I start fusing about the skillet and how it must be time for new pots and pans! (Yeah!) I sit down to join Preacher man for a plate of French toast goodness, I take my first bite and shake my head and do the "get it out of my mouth" 4 year old thing. It really does taste like taco's! Mexican Toast, if there is such a thing, and if there is, they should stop it! I started saying "O-lay!" (Give me a break on the spelling! Its been a long time since I took spanish) It was so bad, I really didn't want to eat it, but Preacher man kept telling me, it got better as I ate it. He lied!

So I get up from the table and start cleaning up the dishes. Preacher man get's us both a cup of coffee and that's when he saw it! It was not cinnamon that I had sprinkled on the French Toast! It was cumin! Holy Taco's!! I can still hear Preacher man laughing and saying "Smells like Taco's!"

Did I mention that I didn't have my contact in or my glasses on? 

Note to self! That was gross, do not do it again!