Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Gracie, wanting something!
I completed my first week of getting back into running last week, and the big news is I'm still alive! On the last day, I took Gracie with me and I believe I have been elevated to a saintly realm in her eyes now. That dog so needs a job! In Colorado when we had some land, she was in charge of making sure nothing came on to it without her knowing about it. Gracie also has a love for skunks and living in the city has made her miss them even more. One of the strange thing about her is her ability to get sprayed by a skunk and within 24 hours the smell is gone. Not sure why that is, maybe all husky's have that ability, but I put it up there with maybe the only reason to have a husky, unless you live in Alaska and have a dog sled.

Gracie loves to run, chase after sticks, eat rocks and cat poop. She also in under the impression that she can catch squirrels. Have I told you how many stinken squirrels there are that just live in our back yard? 5, at least I think they are always the same ones. So when I got dressed in my running attire after work yesterday, Gracie knew it was for her to go for a run. After our warm up walk, which she doesn't understand why we need to do, we start off with the run and she begins her hunt for squirrels. I believe she saw and wanted to chase after every squirrel in the neighborhood! This is starting a crazy habit in me, I'm looking for them too.

Anyway, today is my momma's birthday! She is one of my biggest fans, (you too daddy) and that always surprises me. It's hard to be the mother of me, I'm sure, but she has done it for a few years now, and has done a dang good job! Momma was the only daughter of my grandparents, who taught me how to kill and fix a chicken. That's a story for a different day. Momma stole a school bus one time as my Grandaddy was the principle of the school. I believe this is what fueled me in some unknown way to take the van when I was younger and mom and dad were out of town. Momma taught me to cook, good too! She taught me to tie my shoe and was brave enough to teach me to drive a car. I get my love of gardening from her and a lot of the words I use, are due to her. If you know me, you know I have my own language sometimes with it's own words, this is because Momma taught me to talk! As I told her this weekend, it's a flat out miracle that I can talk, or maybe that people can understand me. Which doesn't happen a lot either.

I Love You Momma! I'm glad I'm your kid, mostly I'm glad I was your first kid! Cuz that means you like me better!!! Hahahahahaha!


redheadbeck said...

Oh! I LOVE this picture of Gracie!!! Sooo cute!!! And Happy Birthday Mrs. Sylvia!!!!! Yeah, ya done good with Kimba! I love her!

Kimer said...

Your too sweet JCB!

Preacher man said...

Sylvia Rocks!!!