Monday, November 14, 2011


Do you know that we are all wounded? Every stinken one of us is a walking, talking, wounded mess! The silly thing is we try and hide it. You know I'm talking to you don't you? We think if we look good, no one will ever think we are hurting, no one will ever know we don't have it all together. 

I use to be like that. I had this problem most of my life, wearing my feelings on my sleeve and speaking the truth only if it helped my cause. Then I walked through this door and sat on a tree limb with Jesus, and we just sat there. I felt like I needed to explain. I didn't, He already knew it all. I tried to cover up the scars that I had been able to keep out of everyone else's sight, He put His hand on mine, and just looked into my eyes and didn't stop until He got a hold of my soul! That's when I sensed, not only did I not need to explain, I did not need to hind anything from Him. In that tree, at that moment, is when I got it. In order to be healed, you can't hind it. Jesus sees it anyway, He's waiting on you to see that He see's you. All of you! 

I have a friend who finds comfort in the fact that she can't shock me. I believe I get that from Jesus. Isn't that who we are trying to become like anyway? 

How many of you really like to hang out with people who have it all together anyway? I'm pretty transparent these day's, to my down fall, maybe, but I'm being true to who God made me to be and if you don't like it, keep clear. But if you want to know how Jesus healed me, I'll tell ya. If you want someone to walk with you down that dark hallway, I will, cuz I can see the light way down at the end even if you can't. But I have to warn you, you gotta come clean with Jesus or the healing won't happen. He's waiting on you to get real about it. He's waited on people all their lives sometimes and some of them never get it. 

Did I walk through that door and sit on that tree limb all by myself? No, I had a spiritual teacher who asked me the very hard, yet very easy questions, "Where's Jesus?" I had to look for him, and he was waiting for me. Sometimes we need a hand to hold onto here, so we can see into there. Are you ready? Is being real and transparent something that your scared to do? Do you long to be free of the wounds that don't seem to heal? Let me tell you, you will never be the same again. Instead of wounds that won't heal, you'll have scars that have been healed by the Master. We don't have to go it alone, but we have to go there, in order to know the healing power of Christ.

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