Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dr Fred!

I do believe that Dr. Fred has done it again! I read his blog on why mainline church giving is down and I think he hit the nail on the head yet again! He mentions that giving to charitable organizations is up over this past year, yet giving to the church is down. Is it because there are organizations that do a better job at doing what the church was called to do? For example, I will use my time running the soup kitchen. We did a better job at feeding the hungry than the church did, however we were supported by the church and 98% of my volunteers were church goers. Did I try and take the giving dollars from the church? No, but I told the churches and their people that I was doing what the church was called to do, so support me! They did and as far as I know they still do. 

But tithing is something you really don't hear a lot about in the church anymore and I want to know why not. One of the coolest things to ever happen to Preacher man and I was when he started really tithing. We really couldn't afford it, with his business being so new and me just starting to work for the broke soup kitchen. Something that Rev. Rick said, seemed to have gotten into the core of my husband and it wasn't letting go. Rick said to test God on it. He also said, if you weren't tithing, you were stealing from God. Ouch!

This time of year is dedicated to what the mainline church calls "Stewardship". They sorta ask for pledges without really telling you why you should give. There is no meat to chew on or anything to prompted us to even think about giving. No one is telling us the blessings that happen when you give, or how God changes you and really starts rocking your world when you trust in Him. I'm pretty sure it says a tithe, a tenth of your income!

How much do you tip your server when you go out to eat? How much doyou blow on Starbucks cuz you can't make coffee? How much are you going to spend on useless gifts this Christmas? Check out what Dr Fred says and see if you agree!

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