Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grown up?

We never really grow up, you know that don't you? We learn how to act differently, but deep down inside, we don't grow up. We still get excited about Christmas, parties, and falling in love. We want to make people laugh, not necessary at us, but with us. Certain movies will always make us cry and we always cheer for the underdog.

Not growing up is what keeps us true to who God made us to be. When we're ungrown up, we are transparent, mostly honest and we laugh... a lot! 

I think it's better to grow down that it is to grow up! When you grow down, you grow deep! If your patience, you'll grow up anyway, but you have to work at the deep part. Do you like to listen to those shallow people that happen to be in your small group or your car pool that seem to have all the answers to the questions that nobody is asking? They haven't figured out the growing down part. They probably have forgotten how to laugh too.

Preacher man said we had a dead squirrel in the front yard and I won't go look at it because it will make me sad. I'm not sad because we don't have enough squirrels in the world, I'm sad because that is one animal that has never grown up! When you watch squirrels, think about acting like one. Dogs are another animal that never really grow up! Cat's, they grow up and get attitudes. A lot of people I know are cat's. I want to be more squirrel like and drive all the cat's crazy!

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