Monday, November 28, 2011


I'm thinking about doing some baking, if I ever get a day off that's not already full of other stuff to do. I got to looking at my calendar and wanted to carve out sometime that I could make some BBQ sauce, maybe do some Bourbon and Rum Ball and it looks like the 15th of December will be my first chance. That really boils my butt! 

I so want to take sometime and slow down and do things different this year. The problem is, this is the time of year that money can be made in retail, so you must make hay while the sun is shining. I mean really! The snowbirds have arrived, the temperature has dropped, it's time to pick some turnip greens and the tree is sitting in water, waiting to fall before it's decorated. 

How do we find time to wait through this Advent season with all this activity going on anyway? Preacher man and I are doing things a little different this year. We took the Christmas gifts to mom and dad's on Thanksgiving, so we're done with that. We are having a Sunday School Christmas party at a Mexican restaurant, and some friends asked us over for dinner. Other than that, we are waiting. 

Then I got to thinking, what are we waiting for? We are waiting on Jesus to come into the world. We are waiting to hear from God in some way that just might rock our world. We're waiting for others to get a head of us in line, or pull into that parking space before us. So, we're going to look at things differently, we're going to wait like that's all we have to do. 

Want to give it a try with us? It's not going to be easy, cuz after all there are only 27 more  shopping day's left till Christmas. All it takes to start is to put on your patience hat and get out there. Bring home some stuff to bake, or make up a batch of soup. I did some cookies last night, going to make some soup here in a minute. Give it a try and wait. Take the time to listen to what God maybe saying to you during this time. We can't all be Martha, in fact, she has so many people working for her that she can't even be Martha! Let's look at simple this year shall we?   

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