Thursday, October 13, 2011


Stephen Baird
This morning Preacher man let me sleep in since I have been working almost none stop since Monday, when ever that was. I rolled out of bed at a late 7:30! Isn't that crazy? I had gotten 2 1/2 extra hours of sleep! 

I have a hard time finding the words to describe how God is showing me things durning my prayer time. Each week there is a grace that I pray to receive and this week it's Amazement at my existence and at how personally God relates to me. The text reading today was from Job... yeah Job! Naked I came from my mother's womb...I must bow down to the creator's wisdom, all wrapped into a book, one man's life. 

What God showed me today was that He is God, in a really big way. If you don't believe me read Job 38:1-40:5. God wants to know, Where were you when I made...? It really brings home how stinken small we really are!

How big we think things are in our lives and how consuming "our stuff" is to our every waking minute. We are so caught up in us, that we don't see the biggness of God. Well, He showed me His biggness this morning and I was blown away! Check this out and see if you don't get an ah-ha. It's from Sister Rachel, but unsure who wrote it.

My existence is rooted in mystery and at the heart of this mystery are three profound truths: God's holiness (transcendence) - Is.6:1-4; my nothingness - Job 1:21; God's desire to have an intimate relationship with me - 1 Jn 4:10. I am a dependent being of love. To experience this is to say with St. Augustine, "I tremble with fear and burn with love." Our response to this love is praise in word and deed; in word because praise spontaneously springs to our lips when we experience this love; in deed because the one who is thus loved sees the lover in all things and id filled with a reverence for all things and a desire to serve the loved one in all things.

It is so not about us! It's all about God and how we respond to Him. It's about becoming uncomfortable and doing something about it. It's about walking with others on this journey of learning what God means to each of us and then asking each other, What are you going to do about it?  

I am amazed at my existence and that God relates personally to me... everyday!

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