Saturday, October 15, 2011


Stephen Baird
I'm needing to get into the shower and get ready to go a Creeken, but I wanted to share this with you before I did. I came across this is the Asbury Reader today.

The incarnation is the divine invasion of us, an invasion of incorrigible love. You, then, do not have to find God; you simply have to let God find you. Religions are man's search for God; the gospel is God's search for man. There are many religions; there is only one gospel. This therefore puts our feet on the right way, gives us a sense of right orientation. We do not have to seek laboriously for God, nor try to lift ourselves into transformation by our own disciplined efforts - we simply have to accept a gift and then belong forever to the Gver. Transformation is so close it is breath-taking. If I reach out, I reach too far - it is here! And here for the taking!
E. Stanley Jones,  How to be a Transformed Person.

Wanted to share this, because I know at times, I try too hard. This morning was one of those days and then, I read E. Stanley Jones! This past week, my prayer time has been awesome and I wanted another day like the rest. It didn't happen and I was somewhat upset about it. Yet in looking at what did happen, I felt that God was giving me rest. This is something I forget so often.

So my challenge to you today is, let God find you, right where you are. Don't search too far, cuz He's right here.

Peace out!

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