Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Wind

Been thinking about the Holy Spirit today, specifically in the form of wind. There happens to be a breeze going on right now and the wind chime is letting me know that something is up. 
I can remember when Daddy was stationed in Hawaii,  we had neighbors with a sailboat. They took us out for a ride one day and I will never forget it! What I found fascinating about this sailboat was that if you knew how to harness the wind you could flat out move! Getting to where the wind was blowing seemed to be the plan of the day, because while in the harbor, not much wind is happening. So you have to work at getting in the clear, but when you got there, you better know what the rest of the plan was, cuz it's time to move. The sail would go up, be filled with the wind and we held on for dear life. It was awesome, even though I was scared we were going to tip over, drown and be eaten by Jaws! Have you ever experienced what the wind can do? It's strange when I think about the sailboat compared to a tornado, it's all about the wind huh?
I feel like the Church has been running too much on it's own religious self-determination, like having a sailboat but refusing to put up the sail and using the oars instead. It works so hard at having everything right, people, music, effects but we've forgotten to open the windows and invite the wind to blow among us. We are all in our little boats just a rowing as hard as we can. We have forgotten about the power of the wind. We are clenching our oars so tightly and working with such determination that we wouldn't feel a breeze if it blew on us.
Are you exhausted with rowing your boat? Do you need to discover or maybe rediscover the power of the wind? Do you need to hoist the sail? Do you need to pray "Breathe on me breath of God, fill me with new life, that I may love what you love and do what you do."
When the Spirit comes, he brings life-giving energizing power. That's what the wind tells us. 


Preacher man said...

Very cool. Blow Holy Spirit, blow!

Joe Lybrand said...

WoW ! Kim. What a joy to hear you talk about the Graus. You didn't mention Dubo. (I think she went with us?)
What a wonderful analogy of the Holy Spirit and the wind and it so true. Let the wind (Holy Spirit) move your boat. I'll get Tommy to read this.


Anne C said...

I love this post.