Monday, August 22, 2011

She wore a dirt necklace!

Every morning, after Preacher man and I walk the dog herd, I set out to water whatever happens to  still be alive in the backyard. We gave up on the grass last year and we're proud to repot that we have only cut it two times this summer. Anyway, I drag the hose out and pour the water from yesterday out of the birdbath, refill it and move on to the cucumbers. After everything has had a drink, I fill the two bird/squirrel feeders and get back in the house before the mosquitoes carry me off to parts unknown. 
While I'm sitting here, posting this here blog, I can look out the window and see the squirrel herd taking stock of their yard. The funniest thing has started to happen. Where I pour out the water from the birdbath has become a popular squirrel area for what seems like two reasons.
1. They can dig in the ground easy because it's soft. That way they can find what may have been buried last year or earlier in the spring. 
2. It makes a cool spot to roll in. 
It is the funnest thing to see this one squirrel who thinks he can hide by laying flat on his belly. He does it in the tree when Preacher man goes out back, he does it when Gracie is let out of the house and stands ready to pounce on him, and he does it in the cool of the morning after he plays with his buddies. I hate to say it, but I'm learning some stuff from these hairy rats that live in our trees and run out in front of cars. They seem to have two main missions in life. Eat and play. They truly enjoy hanging out and playing with each other. 
I remember when I was little, and we hung out with the neighborhood kids after dinner until the street lights started coming on. We played so hard we would have those dirt necklaces on, do you remember that? We would sweat so much and play so hard that the dirt would form a necklace in the creases of our necks. Daddy would call us home by the world renown whistle and my sister and I would begin the process of taking baths and getting all the play off of us. 
I just don't see kids play like squirrels anymore do you? I wonder how many of you reading this have never wore the dirt necklace? 
I think God wants us to remember how to play with squirrlish abandon! We take ourself way too seriously most of the time and most of us have forgotten how to play at all! Won't you take the time to watch something play today? Maybe even join in.       

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