Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I sat down with nothing in particular to write about, but yet wanted to yell at the top of my lungs about everything I see wrong with things in my little part of the world. Being who I am is somewhat of a challenge right about now in my life and I want to take a vacation and come back next year sometime. I have not been given permission to do that though, so here I sit. 
Then this question came to my very tightly winded mind, why do I blog? It surely is not for all the comments printed at the end of every posting, cuz those are few and far between. It's not for the money I'm making or the notoriety I get from doing this. I know I am no Pioneer Woman! Maybe it's because sometimes I have a thought I think needs shared without someone telling me I can't think that way or trying to fix it. Sometimes I just crack myself up, which in all honesty is why I started doing this. A few sweet, yet questionable, friends thought it would be a good thing for me to do. Now, I think they were trying to come up with ways to keep me out of their offices. Mainly, so I could share what being someone like me (type AA+ personality, with a smidgen of extravert thrown in), was going through being taken into the ministry as a Preacher's wife and not the main event. Sometimes I fail at what I try to do, sometimes I hit the mark. What I feel is important is that I am always true to who I am, just me. I struggle with the local church, the state government, my boss, nature, Preacher man, reading the Bible and being a 'Christian' in this day and age. I think it might be easier to drink shots of Tequila, and throw squirrels at speeding cars as they pass the house.
Bottom line, I know God has a plan, he always does. I know that my little funky life is part of his plan and right now that has to be enough for me. As my life unfolds as Preacher mans wife, I will grow into God's plan for me and you will be apart of it, cuz you took time to follow this crazy looken woman in front of a ton of pickles. So, I'm glad you follow me, all 35 of you! It gives me some comfort to know that you look for me everyday when you could be reading Pioneer Woman's bazillion perfect blogs. Thanks! May God wink at you today in a way that you need it!
Peace out!        

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Jeane said...

what do you have against the squirrels???? lol