Friday, August 12, 2011

Run you Over!!!

This is the link to a new blog that I think you might enjoy. It's been a long time in coming and I gotta tell ya, I pretty proud of him for doing the first one ever! For those of you that don't know Alex aka Preacher man has stepped into the world of blogging and I'm pretty tickled about it. You will have to remember, he is a Preacher so he won't be giving it to you like I do, but he can bring it, so check him out and leave him a comment. By the way, it is a good thing to leave comments on blogs! Reason why? It let's us know we aren't just going on about something and no one is reading. Hint Hint!  

I feel as if summer is over and I'm sure it has to do with activity going on over at the elementary school across the street. We live right between the enter and exit ways and we drive trucks. What am I talking about? Well, when you want to turn, you get into the turning lane don't you? Some people believe that you can actually drive for miles in the turning lane with your blinker on and that this is seen as Okay-Doky! It maybe in other parts of the county, but in front of our better get out of my way pilgrim! I will run you over!! 

This brings me to the thing I want to talk about. When did this country become so self focused? I am at fault in this area, but not as much as others. Preacher man has got to be the most patience, nice, person I have ever been around. He opens doors for people, even when he's in a hurry, he says please and thank you even if the person is nasty, he just goes at a different speed that most of America. What he demonstrates is what use to be called "Southern Hospitality" and I miss it. 

Now it isn't completely dead in the south, but I don't know if I consider NW Arkansas "South"anymore, mainly cuz of what Wal-Mart has done to this place. Granted, it is one of the only places in Arkansas that is growing and making money and doing well, but, we have thrown the baby out with the bathwater for economic growth. We have also become very self focused and what's in it for me like! So today, I'm going to go to the Creek with a different attitude, one of serving and please and thank you. I might even make someone wonder where I'm from! But do not drive in the turning lane in front of my house, cuz I will run you over!!!!     

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