Thursday, August 11, 2011

Saver of Bird!

It's rained! What's even better is it cooled off. I have no idea if this will save my cucumber plants, I do know the tomatoes are on their way to the trash. I am so disappointed in my veggy growing this summer. I feel like things were so much better in Kentucky, but am told by every gardener I know, this has been the hottest summer any of them can remember. At times I feel like I should give up the pickle process and then Preacher man texts me and says he sold two more jars. Getting ready to print labels as soon as my label dude gets home from his travels.

Yesterday I was looking out the window, watching the birds at the feeder. I noticed something flaying around by the base of the tree. I jumped up and went outside to see what it was. Awww, it was a very wet young, but not baby bird. I told Preacher man about it and he said "Don't touch it!" I think sometimes he forget's who has the Animal Science degree. Anyway, I had things to do so I got busy doing them. Meanwhile, back at the base of the tree, young bird was still wet and starting to shake violently. I just couldn't take it anymore. I got a dog towel and went out to get him off the ground and help him in the process of drying off. I left him under the tree and kept his head sticking out of the towel. Ever so often I would check on him, not wanting to get emotionally attached like I do with just about everything! Three hours had passed and he was looking good. The next thing I knew he flew off with young wings just a flappen! Yeah!! I had saved a bird!! Wooo Hoooo!!! Texted Preacher man, told the Bible study group about it last night, just was pleased as punch!

We had a lot of lighting and thunder happening last night and we got rain, but I don't know how much! Preacher man fed and pilled the herd and set them all outside to do their business! I walked by the back door, heard Yazi making this awful groaning, Siamese cat noise, looked out at him, and there he proudly stood with a bird in his mouth! Now, Yazi has arthritis so bad, he can hardly walk in a straight line, so if you think he ran down and caught a bird, you are truly dreamen here! I believe that he found my bird, who for some reason found it's self on the ground again, wet again, and that he was flaying around again. This motion caught Yazis' almost blind attention and he walked over to it and picked it up!

I told Preacher man I couldn't save anything, and began to wimper. He said something to me then that really surprised me. "You help Yazi feel like a cat again!" I don't really know how I feel about that, but I do know that I have more time, money and energy invested into that cat than I did in that bird. I also know that Yazi is watching the bird feeder again and trying to sneak up on some birds, but he was doing it in cat slow motion, bless his heart!      

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