Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jesus Left that Place!

We have cooking to do for Sunday school class today. Once a year they open all the classes up so people can walk around and see what the others are doing. It's like the bigger church when we steal people from other churches and say we are growing. You know church swapping, this is Sunday school swapping, lame! Anyway, we are going to cook a Hawaiian Banana Nut Bread, thought about doing Cheese grits but it's so messy and how would I keep it warm for an hour and blah, blah, blah! Also need to get to the post office and mail some pickles to Maggie in NC, and we must get some to Jim in CO cuz he makes my labels! Then we'll maybe go run around down town to see what's up in the antique shops.

I had an eye opening experience last night to what life has been like for Preacher man and I gotta say, Lord have mercy! Then this morning, I'm reading one of the blogs I follow and there it is, God talking to me! I go have my time with God and once again, he says look here! I'm telling you people, when you get real and open with God, He will speak volumes to you, especially when you would rather rant and rave about your sorry state of affairs! 
So the blog was about Matthew 15:21-28. Jesus left that place... He had been hanging with that lovely band of righteous fools, the Pharisees, who believed they had the "inside track" to God. Jesus was leaving more than a physical place, he was leaving an attitude. He had to get some "fresh air". Then this Canaanite woman comes along and starts yelling at Jesus, Have mercy on me, Lord, Son of David; my daughter is tormented by a demon. Jesus kept on walking. (I feel like that woman a lot, Lord! What are you doing? Have mercy on us Lord!!!) Jesus is revealing that her faith is great! (Really?) Jesus was showing her cry for mercy was genuine and real, where he had just come from, those dudes didn't cry for mercy, they had it together and were following the action plan laid out by some 'I got my stuff together' leader! I love how Harper puts it, The woman was willing to settle for 'crumbs' from Jesus, whereas the Pharisees and scribes had refused to accept the whole loaf. They didn't need Jesus' bread; they had made their own bread. Jesus had to leave that place and go to where people were hungry for whatever God would give them. Isn't that rich? I'm sitting going, Yeah!!! Leave Jesus, go somewhere else where people will listen. Then it hits me, Jesus is asking the same of me, to leave my state of presumption and become the seeking woman! 
See, I know what I know, and I'm not done learning. I am seeking and learning how to just BE and it's not always easy. In fact, it plan just gets hard. I don't have it all together but I feel like I'm doing what God is calling me to. So when I have to be submitted to the Pharisees I get a little bent about it! 
So Jesus is saying Leave that place, within myself and keep seeking after Jesus! Yet the Pharisees say, look at our lovely cool-aid, won't you have some? I am satisfied with the crumbs that come my way, cuz I know who made the bread! I will not drink your cool-aid!

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