Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This is the simplest thing I have ever seen on how the Dinosaurs died, it makes perfect since, but don't go thinking about it too hard, cuz you'll have a hard time with the whole shovel idea. On a surface level it could have happened. It's simple, to the point and it make since.
It's how we get with our spiritual life sometimes, comfortable with what we believe, where we're sitting in church, what the preacher always says about Jesus loves you and believing the surface stuff. We plug in for our hour on Sunday and don't get challenged by what's being preached, but that's ok, cuz challenge would mean I would have to do something, and I'm way too busy to mess with growing spiritually! Theres no money in that!! If you challenge me, I'll leave and go to another church!
Know what I say to those folks? Can I hold the door open for you?
It is our responsibility to grow up in Christ! Being a grown up means doing things for your self, like thinking and acting! Being an infant means you get fed milk and when you don't feel good you get picked up and patted on the back, till you make this noise than feel better. Church is very good at feeding milk and lots of it. It's good at telling people what we all should be doing; feeding the hungry, going to jail to see those folks, giving what we think we can afford and loving each other. BARF! Have you ever fed the hungry? I have and it's not as glorious as I hear then telling me it is. Have you gone to jail to visit anyone? I have and it's hard to carry on a conversation about Jesus loving them through a phone looking through glass! I am always hearing stuff about church being "The Acts 2 Church". Those people sold everything and gave it to the church! Not what they thought they could afford!
Does this make you uncomfortable? It does me. I don't love feeling uncomfortable, but I do like that it spurs me to do something. I use to run off and just do, now I'm spending more time in His presence so that I know what I'm being called to do.
I gave a testimony last week and I got a thank you card from one of the folks that was there. Part of me thought, Wow, that's nice! and another part of me thought, What?! I don't share because of what I can get out of it, I do it cuz Preacher man asks and God says Yes! I do it, not so much because of you, but because of what Jesus did and is still doing in and through me. I've been challenged, not by man, but by God.
So when you get comfortable where you are, you can just about bet that God is calling you to more. Are you listening? Is there something inside you thats restless and searching for more? Me too. Think I'll keep digging to see where I end up, don't worry, I have longer arms than the dinosaurs so I'm pretty sure I can climb out!
Peace Out!     

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Joe Lybrand said...

You are smart enough to dig steps in the side of the hole. Besides God will show the way out.