Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bitter Fruit

Picked some cucumbers yesterday. Not all of them are in the shapes of a smile. Not all of them are big and yellow either, which is credit to the cooler temp's and rain that we've been getting. When a cucumber plant get's stressed it grows in a crooked shape (smile), turns yellow and tastes BITTER! There is nothing worse than a bitter cuke! Well, there is, we just are going there this morning. I peeled the skin off the straight little green dude and gave it a taste... not bitter! This is truly a good sign and I hope to be able to invite Bee's to the flowers so I will get more than a handful of fruit. 
We have a Bee Keeper at church, he just got started this year and I'm sure it's been a hard one. The Bee's weren't at my yard much, cuz they were hanging out at the hives trying to keep them cool. I'd like to raise Bee's someday. Not so much for the honey, that would be great, but more to help the pollinators out! Now that's a community that works together for the good of all. Wow, maybe the church should pay attention to Bee colonies, and stop trying to act like cucumbers! 

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