Friday, July 22, 2011

Things gotta get done!

Preacher man comes home today!! Yeah!! I will get some structure back into my life. Seriously, I would hang out at the house and not shower if I had my way about it. My friend Anne and I went to dinner two nights in a row, which was glorious fun, and today I'm going to show her my produce connection in Lowell before she goes to work. I have enough self grown cucumbers to make a jar or two, but I will hold off until I see what's up down in Lowell. 
Our nephew will be here tomorrow for a short stay before he heads off to Alabama. Really proud of him for doing something like this. I am the one that left the state for a short 23 years before returning and I believe it helped make me into who I am today! So I'm pumped for him to begin a new adventure and see what God has for him out there.
Pat will be coming on Monday to get the lowdown on herd and house sitting. While we're gone to Aldersgate, she will be manning the homestead for us and I'm sure eating her share of cucumbers! She's coming a day early so we can spend sometime together, we are trying to do this monthly for both of our sanity!

I am sitting here watching the squirrels in the back yard. I figure God was in a really funny mood when he made these critters. I have one that I'm calling Crazy Ivan, he seems to be a little smaller than Earl and Pearl and likes checking thing out. He decided to get into the bird bath to get himself a refreshing drink of wet, however not cold, water. He was crouched low to the water and was taking a long time to fill his tummy. All of a sudden, he leaped up, touch the other side of the bird bath with his tiny feet and rocketed in the air all the way over to the nearest tree! He flew, which I do believe they are trying to do when they jump from tree to tree. Then he hung there by his back toenails and stretched a big squirrel stretch, with a yawn thrown in for good measure! He then found some loose dirt and began to roll around in it and I swear I could see the delight from here! He headed toward the cucumbers and I had to go and yell at him to get out of there! I will enjoy them all day long until the get into my cucumbers! Then it's get me the BB gun, I'm going hunting!!        

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