Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why not you?

I am simply amazed most days that God doesn't just put an end to us all! We are so full of ourselves it reminds me of the Hebrew people through out the whole Bible! We continue the story, of pig headed, selfish conceit and then this morning I have a lesson on Job. 
First off, I gotta tell you there's a very large part of me that understands Job and wants to explain to God that it was his friends who were bad mouthing everything. As far as I can see Job just sat in the dust and ashes saying "Why me?" Now Job is a devout man, but he's tormented by his anger and rage. He sees not only his life but the lives of those he knows and loves are broken and sometimes filled with despair. He wants to know, he may even demand, that God explain and justify the human situation of suffering. Maybe that is where the issue lies. Take the time to read chapter 38 and 39 and then ask why. It's like, who are you Job to even question God. God pretty well let's Job have it, tells him to brace himself. After I read the chapters, I was humbled, really! When I ask God "Why me?" I can almost hear Him asking back, "Why not you!?" 
How often do we find ourselves throwing up our hands in disgusted over our dinner not coming to us fast enough when we're in a restaurant? Or raking someone over the coals because the presentation didn't turn out the way we wanted, even though we were to busy to lift a finger to help? Why not you? Look at Job, he was a devout man! He didn't think the world revolved around him, not like we do! When was the last time you thanked someone for helping you, or opened the door for someone else? Has someone worked hard on a project or a presentation just to have the flaws pointed out to them in big red letters?
Instead of explaining to them what they have done wrong, why don't we just be with them in the moment? Did you look into the eyes of the gal that brought your food to you? Could you see that she didn't sleep because the baby kept her up and she really doesn't like her job anyway? Did you see that the presentation was 98% great? Does the woman have her hands full and just needs someone to open that door for her? Start looking for those moments to bring light into someone life instead of darkness. Jesus lived for those moments to be the light! I'm not saying it will always be easy, some people don't want the light. In that case, don't throw your pearls before the swine! But look to see that they are swine first!         

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