Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Talk the Talk!

You know it was good! If you don't know, you don't know me very well! I have a green hand, not just thumb and I can talk! Put them together and I can talk about houseplants! Good thing they didn't ask about gardening!!! I'm even better at that! I took my shower, which I know pleases many of you, Preacher man tops the list! I donned on my lovely dark green tee shirt that has our insignia on the left breast, MASTER GARDENER a program of U of A, University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture. Slapped on my official Master Gardener name tag, loaded up the truck with almost half of my house plants and headed to the extension office. I gave a stellar performance full of information, demonstration and funny stories. Yes, I do have funny stories about houseplants! I showed them sun scaled, hail damage, gross looking pots, strange looking plants and let them know that miracles do happen in south facing windows! I am not just a pretty face people! Susan, who asked to have this talk presented bought me a specimen that had been living in her office for way too long. She said she didn't know what was wrong with it. My keen eye quickly picked up the long gangly growth and dry as a dessert soil and I knew at once it need more water and sunlight, two of the things I talked about! I advised Susan to place this plant on her back porch in the shade and give it some water about twice a week! I said to the plant, "That will be a good start huh?" Now for those of you who don't listen or talk to your house plants, this is going to sound crazy. The plant said, "Yip!" and I swear it smiled just a little! It is a known fact that houseplant are polite and won't speak until spoken to. So get out there people, water and talk to your plants!  

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