Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Roaring River!

The spring that starts the Roaring River!
It always impresses me how God works through friendship! I got to spend the day with Pat at the coolest place around, Roaring River State Park. Now I love state parks! I have spent a lot of time in them camping, swimming, fishing, hiking, playing barbies, well that was a long time ago. I'm so glad that we have state parks to go hang out in! This one had a trout hatchery at it and fisherpeople everywhere. Yet there was space for us to sit and visit. The roar of water, I believe, speaks to everyone in a different sort of way. I use to think I had the corner on being a waterperson, but I continue to see people drawn to it for all kinds of reasons. We had a trout lunch at the up-scale restaurant (whatever that means), and hiked a little and prayed for each other. God put us together in 2007 and we've been sisters in the Lord ever since. We pick up right were we left off and keep plowing through life together. One of the gifts that was given to me while in a time of healing prayer, was the image of me and Jesus sitting in a tree, kicking our legs back and forth. While Pat and I were at the park, she pointed out this perfect sitting with Jesus tree to me! I am blessed to have Pat in my life.
Sitten with Jesus Tree
This is a busy week! I work almost everyday and tomorrow I have my houseplant care presentation! I believe I'm ready and have decided to take some plants with me! A fun time should be had by all! I am also training cucumber vines as they try to grow over the fence into the neighbor's yard. Looks like we got some hail last night, found a few large holes in the leafs. I guess I need to get out some boxes of jars and start scraping the old labels off so I can put on new ones. I feel like I'm fixen to be back in business, my business of making pickles! So I guess I better get at it!    

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