Saturday, June 25, 2011


This is the enemy! The tomato hornworm is not a friend of mine. He lies in the shade of the tomato leafs until it's cooler and then he starts to chew every stinken leaf, until only a stick is left. Now I make all the butterfly lovers mad cuz I think the only good caterpillar is a dead one. So you might want to stop reading if you skip through the fields chasing after butterflies. Now don't get me wrong, some butterflies are fine with me and I think they are beautiful, the ones that eat my garden, not so beautiful! The best way to get rid of this monster is to pull him off and throw him over the fence. They really are a lovely shade of green, just like the tomato plant, and they will try to make you feel sorry for them, but do not give in to their plan of letting them hang around for a spell! If you notice, this worm is on the underside of the leaf. Also on the leaf above him is 2 more foes of all gardens. Aphids and White flies! Seven dust will take care of them. I'm sorry put the only thing really organic I do is pull worms off plants!
This next picture is something I have been waiting to see for over two years, mainly because I didn't get to have a garden last year! This is a baby cucumber! What was that???? Did you hear that???? It sounded like I heard some people yelling with delight of the thought of eating some GloryBee Garlic Dill Pickles again!! I am glad to report that the plants are now needing to be roped in on twine to keep them in this yard! The leaves get sad during the day because it's so hot, but they have a ton of flowers on them and that's good news!
The other picture is of Yazi laying by the AC unit enjoy the air going in the machine over his hotself. He is not evil, he is old.  

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