Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy till....

I have a busy week ahead of me that doesn't slow down till sometime around the middle of July! I've got work at the Creek, pulling a shift on the Hotline for Master Gardeners, St. Scholastica, Mom & Dad's, Dirt day at the church for my flower beds, some more work at the Creek and off to Mt. Eagle for spiritual direction class, Dee comes for a visit, Preacher man goes for Residency thing, we leave for Aldersgate and the next thing you know it's August. All this to say that I will try to keep the blogging up, but I know somewhere in there the cukes are going to need pickling! 
This all brings to mind that even though we are crazy busy in the summer, we need to take time to Be. I'm finding it a little more natural than it use to be. I really have an issue with needing to get things done, don't waste time, be productive mentality, and for those of you that are made like that I just want to say there is hope. What you need to do is get a bird feeder and a bird bath. After the birds find you, you can always add a soot feeder and a sock of thistle. If you do all that make sure you have a BB gun for squirrels and Starlings. The past few weeks I have been watching a momma Downing Woodpecker feed soot to her hatchling! They are so cute and I have been hearing the baby cry for it's momma on a few occasions. These, and all the other birds have helped me become comfortable with Being! So invest in a feeder and a BB gun! 

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redheadbeck said...

I LOVE my birds!!! So happy for your Mamma downy woodpecker and her baby!!! And by the way.....plucked and killed 3 wanna be butterflys from my tomatoes yesterday!!!! And I can't do the bb gun thing!! Rick calls me a tree hugger!! LOL!!!