Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chewing time!

We had another freak storm come through here this morning. Had one on Tuesday night that woke me up with all the lighting. Trees ripped up and broke off, trash cans all over the place. Then today while I was at work, we got another one with more wind than lighting. On my way home, I saw trees ripped up and broke off and my trash can was next door. So now that I got that all straightened out, let me tell you what I did this morning before all that happened. I took Gracie for a run! We haven't done that in close to two years mainly cuz she keeps ripping her knees in half. Me and the herd went out for our morning walk and Gracie was so pent I thought, she needs to go for a run...I need to go for a run. So we did! We only went for a mile and a half, but I think it was a good start for her, and me. We'll see how we feel later to decide if we're going to keep doing this.
I'm reading The Spiritual Life by Evenlyn Underhill and enjoying it. It's deep, so I have to take it a little at a time, chew on it, read a little more. I've come to Part III where she talks about the spiritual life as co-operation with God, not cooperation but co-operation. Evenlyn says It means that we shall not live up to our call as spiritual creatures unless we are willing to pull our own weight. (p.83) She's saying that more is required of us than passive adoration of God. I'm thinking that might shock some folks, or confuse then cuz they don't know what it means. It means there is more to the spiritual life than going to church, sitting in our comfy seats, being entertained and calling it worship. Our place is not in the audience, it's out getting our hands dirty being part of the creative apparatus of God. He made us in order to use us, and use us in the most profitable way; for His purpose, not ours. (p.85) Sometimes that might be doing things we aren't crazy about for a while, or doing something without being told why we're having to do it. This is where I find myself right now. Doing things without being told why I'm doing it. Working at the Creek is something I can do with my eye's closed. I have a knack at waiting on people, you might call it a servant heart. I thought my servant heart would be used doing great things for God. Praying for His people, healing, listening... But as Evenlyn says, All self-willed choices and obstinacy drained out of what we thought to be our work; so that it becomes more and more God's work in us. 
So, now that I've read that, I do believe it's time to chew on it for awhile. Sure hope I don't choke!   

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Joe Lybrand said...

You know Kim, you may well be doing what God wants you to be doing. You like the work at Creek and you do have a chance to do witnessing. I think I told you about my experience working on I-55 with Louis Dyches?After we helped people that had broke down, had flats, etc they always wanted to pay us. We could not take the money. We decided that we would tell them that we are being paid and you can go to church Sunday and thank the Lord that we were here to help. Have no idea of how it worked, but we felt like it was a witness. You can also witness by you actions. I think that a lot of people watch us Christians and that can be a powerful witness.