Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get me?

There are a few things that made me want to start a blog. I have two really close friends that always told me I should be a stand-up comedian. My answer always was, "And how do you get into that business anyway? I'm Preacher man's wife and I just can't talk that way anymore...much." I have to admit that deep down inside, I would love it! I love to tell stories and make people laugh. Let me tell ya, I got some stories too! I also started reading "The Pioneer Woman. Plowing through life in the country...one calf nut at a time." I really got inspired by Ree and her blog. I mean, when I grow up, I wanna blog, cook, take pictures and tells stories like her! I relate to what she says mostly because of my animal/farm back ground, my love for cooking and eating, and the matter of fact way we tell stories. She lives out in the middle of no-where Kansas, I use to live in no-where Kansas myself! She calls her husband "Marlboro man" I call mine "Preacher man", in fact she inspired me to call him Preacher man and not by his name. In real life I call him "Workman" a lot, he calls me that too though. Ree has a lodge that people come and stay at and while Preacher man and I want to have a retreat center someday, we don't have room for too many people right now, all at one time anyway.
I was talking with a friend who still lives in the Holy City today and we were asking each other the hard question... What is the purpose of all this? What came up was the statement that the closer you get to God the more alone you become. So I have a few things to say about that. It sucks! I mean, I love being with and around people. I love to make them laugh and to cook for them and all that good stuff. But what seems to be happening to me is that the closer I get to God, the less people get me. Reading the Pioneer Woman today just made me sad, mainly because I will never have people come to my house to make a cooking show for TV, and I will never have the blog following that she has, and who knows what else. Boo Hoo, Wooo is me. Sob, Sob...(Here's the cool part) I look out my window to the raised bed garden that Preacher man made for me to grow my cuke's and the wind is blowing some out there. I am just now noticing that the shape of the cuke leaves are perfect hearts from this distance! God is waving hearts at me!
So people may not get me the closer I get to God, but God gets me! 

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