Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Filled with?

Have you ever woke up filled with hope? That's what happened to me this morning and I love it when it happens. I'm hopeful that the squirrels won't figure out that the raised bed garden is full of yummy things to eat. I'm hopeful that the tomato's will start setting fruit even though the night time temperatures have risen above 75 degrees. I'm hopeful that the SEC will win the College World Series! I'm hopeful that my sister will take the blinders off her head and that people will slow down and use their blinkers. What I'm most hopeful about is that small kindness do come back around. I am hopeful in a God that won't let evil win, even if we choose it. If we would just open our hands and let all of the crap that we are clutching so desperately to, slip from our fingers, God would be able to replace it with the things He wants in our life. This isn't a new problem, but it is one that we can see with our own eyes. If you have your hands open to God and there are all these rocks that have filled your grasp, if God wanted to give you more rocks where would they go? If He wanted to give you some refreshing water, how would you catch it and take a drink with all the rocks in the way? How long will He let us hold our rocks? As long as we want to cuz He is so patient with us. He wants us to choose Him above all else, and if we would rather have rocks, well He is hopeful that we will grow tired of carrying them and let the slip from our grasp. If not, He waits. As someone who has let lots of rocks go, I can honestly tell you there is no better way to be than freed up for God! I get it that we are scared, and don't want to let go of the one thing that seems to be making us happy. But if you will be still and listen, you will hear the hope He has for you is that smallness of your heart. I dare you to let the rocks slip out of your hands and grab hold of the promise that God gave you. "I will never leave you or forsake you!" Now that's true hope!   
(No picture today, my sister would kill me!) 

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Joe Lybrand said...

You inspire me!